Monday, February 23, 2009

Lifting Device Inspections

Lifting Equipment Inspections:

Lifting equipment inspections now offered. BRight Safety Training can now hook you up with another valuable safety service for our clients. We can now help make sure your industrial lifting equipment will run smoothly and meets the required standards.

What types of lifting devices do you inspect?

We will inspect forklifts, overhead cranes, aerial platforms and other lifting devices. Please refer to the list below.
  • Winches & Cable Pullers
  • Jib Cranes & Work Stations
  • Forklift (Mast Forward)
  • Eyebolts & Hardware
  • Crane / Hoist inspections
  • Sling Inspections
  • Access Ladders
  • Elevated Platforms Inspections
  • Bleacher Systems
  • Much More...

I'm I required by law to have my equipment inspected?
Answer: Yes, depending on the lifting device your inspection may be required monthly, yearly or even more frequently.

Visit our Annual lifting device inspections page and read more..

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