Monday, March 13, 2006

Confined Space Training Update

Protecting All Workers in Workplaces with Confined Spaces

The confined space training updated and harmonized regulation would balance safety, technology and current best practices for confined space entry, while ensuring the protection of all workers in confined space workplaces. It would create a level playing field and remove inconsistencies.

Many sectors and workplaces currently not covered by any of the sector regulations, including the transportation industry, sewer services, etc., are required to take precautions to protect their workers in confined spaces. The harmonized regulation would set out clear, defined requirements for all workplaces with confined spaces. It would expand the protection throughout Ontario to all workers, not just those in the industrial, construction, mining and health care sectors - working in or outside of a confined space.

It will contain strict procedures for entry, and clarifies requirements for worker training and for the posting of atmospheric test results. This would give the workers in confined spaces the knowledge and information they need to identify confined space hazards and to protect themselves. Visit confined entry space page.

MOL Inspectors will start enforcing the revised regulation beginning September 30, 2006.